The rain will fall kindly


Prose and research

A story fragments by fragments, a journey of broken images, inside and outside the world of Ray

Bradbury. A creative reflection and a passionate love statement to the master of dreams

who taught us to look to the future with his eyes veiled by the nostalgia of the past. A “dada”

remix of lapidary quotes, fake authors, core, and classmate master, and

of the great sacred texts / monsters of the philosophy and the essay of the world of the after, after the second

world war, after the narrative form, after the concept of chronology. An inner monologue on the

confrontation with the alien, on the absence of the other, on the elaboration of diversity, contact,

ghost, double. On the scene, dense cuts define a space of saturated, hyperreal,

chromaticamente unstable, and at the same time they build an immaterial space to live

with the epiphany of sweet dreams recounted, through the use of exposed, ancient, and elementary technologies

natural / cultural such as water, sand and leaves that make our little world a universe


Lino Guanciale.

He earns in 2004 the “Premio Gassman”, awarded by the National Academy of Dramatic Art

“Silvio D’Amico” to the best student of the last ten years. Selected From the Union Casting Union

in 2005 for the film “Il colpo di pistola” (Venice Film Festival 2005), won the IMAIE Award.

He gets the 2009 European People’s Recognition “Personalit√† europea”, Young Artists section, the Ministry of Education

tourism. He graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art “Silvio D’Amico”, where he studied with

Masters such as Pino Passalacqua, Marisa Fabbri, Mario Ferrero and Lorenzo Salveti, graduating with

maximum votes in 2003. He worked with Gigi Proietti, Luca Ronconi, Franco Branciaroli,

Warner Bentivegna, Massimo Popolizio, Umberto Orsini, Franca Nuti, Claudio Longhi, Michele

Placido, Walter Le Moli, Victor Arditti, Carlos Saura and Vittorio Storaro.

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